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If you are drowning in administrative jobs that keep you away from doing what you love most, you need us! We work with small business owners and soloprenuers with bricks and mortar or online businessses who are struggling to keep up with social media, updating their website, crafting blog posts, updating databases, designing marketing campaigns, creating business systems and everything else....we know how frustrating this can be.

We offer you the unique advantage of not only having somebody to do those tasks for you, autonomously, but somebody who knows what you need, when you need it and will just do those tasks, whilst you focus on your talents.

An added benefit to you is our skill sets include business coaching, this means you also have the added advantage of somebody to bounce ideas off, brainstorm ways to increase your client base, build your business to the lofty heights you've always imagined. We will support you with systems to streamline your growth.

If this is something that you have been searching for to incorporate into your business, then let's have a chat, afterall, we need to make sure that we are on the same page and we are a good fit to work together, because that is what we do, work with you, not for you.

Imagine if you had to hire an Administrative Assistant to do all these tasks, you would be looking at around $60K per year! For a fraction of that you get to choose the level of support you need in your business, with packages starting from $200 per week.

A snapshot of some of the tasks we can do for you


Sit back and relax and enjoy the extra time you will create as we design and schedule all of your social media posts in advance. We will create a series of posts for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. If you don't have all of those, don't worry, leave it to us to set that up for you.


Those long "to do" lists, handball them to us and we will motor through those tasks on your behalf. Researching, data entry, marketing flyers, blog posts, whatever you have on your list of jobs, let's cross them off that list together. we will also track and measure your progress.


Is your website being maintained? Are your plugins up to date? Don't worry about that anymore either, We will maintain your website, no matter what platform you are hosted on. We will update your site with new blog posts and ensure the basic SEO requirements are in place.

Does you business require greater reach and connection with your clients? A phone app can breach the distance between you and your clients and keep you in constant contact, in their pocket. We build and create phone apps with a variety of features to suit your business.

Administrative tasks are our zone of genius with over four decades of experience. We also offer an accomplished business coach and have combined these specialities into one unique package for small business owners. We know the struggles, we've been there and we understand what you need and we deliver.

Business Coaching & Business Management Packages


4 x 30 min weekly Zoom Calls

up to 6 hours of behind the scenes work

coaching & business management tasks

800 per month
(200 per week)


4 x 30 min weekly Zoom calls

up to 12 hours of behind the scenes work

coaching & business management tasks

1100 per month
(280 per week)


4 x 45 min weekly Zoom calls

up to 25 hours of behind the scenes work

coaching & business management tasks

1750 per month
(440 per week)

~ Bespoke Packages are also available ~

Online Business Management


Stragegy Call

8 hours per month of support services

social media, administrative tasks

400 per month
(100 per week)


Strategy Call

14 hours per month of support services

social media, administrative tasks

700 per month
(175 per week)


Strategy Call

28 hours per month of support services

social media, administrative tasks

1400 per month
(350 per week)

Client Feedback

Belinda Merlina

Clinic Director

Bambi's approach to me and my business was calm, clear and concise. She is highly likeable and very professional.

Talina Johnson

Cosmetic Director

Bambi is consistently sharp, friendly, professional and knoledgeable. I recommend her proessional services to any small business owner.

Donna Rose

Salon Director

Bambi always gives 110% with everything she does, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.

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